Don't over pay for your insurance!

Whether you deliver food for a large company such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo or Just Eat; or a small local Indian restaurant, Chinese takeaway, pizza shop or burger bar, you will need to be properly insured.

Normal car insurance is not sufficient. However, you can buy an extra policy on top of this which covers you for delivering fast food. This extra insurance is called 'Courier' insurance.

why do I need extra insurance for delivering food?

you probably already have basic insurance, whether you have a car, van or scooter. This will cover you just for normal everyday motoring, unless you have already opted for commuting cover, which also covers you for driving to and from a single place of work.

unfortunately delivering food can put you at extra risk of an accident. You may be tempted to drive a little quickly in order to make sure that the food arrives fresh and hot, you may have to visit areas that you are not familiar with and you might be asked to drive during bad weather conditions. This last one is quite likely, since if it is raining or snowing your employer's customers are more likely to want a delivery, rather than come out themselves!

as a result of all these factors, most insurers are reluctant to accept the risk, which is why you need to get quotes from a specialist.

Is this insurance expensive?

it all depends on where you buy it from! If you asked your existing insurer you may well get a complete refusal, or at best a very expensive additional premium

however, there are specialist brokers who can provide much cheaper quotations for fast-food insurance; we do not have access to just one broker but an entire panel of them!

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